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Yes!  It's hard to believe it, but we've published a full year of issues of our e-magazine, The Catch!
When we started out, a year ago, our goal was to provide really useful, informative, and high-quality information for paddlers of all levels, and we think we've done that.  We've posted articles on technique, training, racing, safety, equipment, and featured some cool paddling locations and events.  Links to each month of The Catch are at the bottom of this post.
While each month we've posted a few articles as "all access" which are available to everyone, most of them have been "subscribers only" available, along with a ton of archived content, for only $9.99/month.  This month, to celebrate our first full year, we're posting everything in this issue as all access available to everyone for free.  We hope you enjoy this month's content, find it useful and, if you're not already a subscriber, consider subscribing as we launch year 2 in May.
Also, to mark our first year, we're going to pick select year 1 articles from the list below and share one on the 15th of each month, available to everyone.
Thank you to those who have supported us this past year.  Your support means a lot to us.  Please remember that you can ask questions or comment on anything that's posted.
Here's wishing everyone an amazing 2023 paddling season!
Happy Paddling!
The Paddle MonsterTeam

The Catch Posts

May 2022

Improve Your Own Paddling by Helping Others Improve Theirs

Training for Fitness and Racing – Understanding the Energy Systems

Picking a Place to Paddle: What to Look For When Scouting Places to SUP

Pacing your Race – Lactic Acid Management

Welcome to The Catch! Paddle Monster’s new Monthly Feature

June 2022

How to Make Sure You Buy the Right SUP Board

Skill Set: Tracking Your Board Straight

Paddle Destinations: Quebec City, Canada

The Case for Periodized Training

July 2022

Training the Energy Systems

Choosing a New SUP Race Board: What to Look For

SUP Stability Tips for both New and Experienced Paddlers

Paddle Destinations: Maui, Hawaii

SUP Drafting 101: What is it, Why it Helps, How to do it

Adrian Angell On His Coast to Coast Paddle across England

Why it is Important to Try Different Boards when you get the Chance

Paddle Strength Training: The Bench Pull and Body Row

August 2022

Paddle Foundations: The Six Fundamentals of Paddle Technique

Traversing British Columbia’s Central Coast by SUP

A Tale of Two Gorges: The Tennessee River Gorge and The Columbia River Gorge

Measuring your Aerobic Capabilities with VO2Max Testing

SUP Technique: Errors and Fixes Part 1 – Issues with the Catch

Paddling Faster and Avoiding Back Pain

Choosing the Right Paddle

September 2022

Sup Strength: Adding Core Stability and Balance Training to your Lifting

Sight and Sound: Visual and Auditory Cues For Good Paddling

Paddling Safety: In Over Your Head

SUP Technique Errors and their Fixes – Staying “Inside” the Board

Take a Clinic- You Can Always Learn More

Where to Stand on Your SUP Board

Skills: Advanced Drafting – Passing from the Tail Wash

October 2022

Competing in the 2022 ICF World Championships-Canada’s Kirsty MacMillan

Crossings: Across the Irish Sea with Samantha Rutt

Strength for SUP – Leg Circuit to Improve Power Endurance and Stability

An In-depth Look at ICF Worlds: Breaking Down Connor Baxter’s Sprint Win

SUP Technique Errors and their Fixes – Errors Associated with the Pull

Buddy SUPing: A Paddle Community Grows out of Covid in Toronto

November 2022

Why Every SUP Paddler Should Try Paddling OC-6

Off-Season Training

A Simple but Effective Way to Train Your Balance and Footwork on Land

SUP Technique Errors and their Fixes – Errors Associated with the Exit

Paddling Machines – Yes or No?

Winter Paddling: Cold Weather Doesn’t Have to Keep You off the Water

December 2022

Use a Resistor to Improve Technique and Develop Specific Strength

Paddle Monster’s Larry Cain Sits Down with Caroline Kuntzel of Denmark

Fitness for Paddling – Getting More out of your Trips to the Gym

The Line You Don’t Want to Cross in Training – Central Nervous System Fatigue

The Beginners Guide to Repairing SUP Board Dings

Paddler Profile: Tony Galang – From Flatwater to Ocean Paddler

January 2023

When an Injury Forces You Off the Water

Implementing Changes to SUP Technique

So, You Want to Coach?

Circuit Training for SUP Power Endurance and Aerobic Fitness

Improving SUP Paddling Technique While Standing on Land

SUP Racing Skills: The Beach Start

February 2023

Land Drills to Improve Your Forward Stroke’s Catch Phase

An Interview with Chris Murphy: 1000 Consecutive Days of Paddling

Open Q and A Zoom Session with Coach Larry Cain

Lace Up Those Runners: How Running Can Help Your Paddling

Stroke Rate and Gears in SUP Paddling

Video with Coach Victoria: Using Resistance Bands to Build Forward Stroke Power Pt. I

March 2023

When It’s Okay to Miss a Paddle Workout and What to Do When that Happens

Marker Workouts and the Value of Regularly Repeating Workouts in Training

Video with Coach Victoria: Using Resistance Bands to Build Forward Stroke Power Pt. II

SUP Land Drills: The Pull

Getting Back Out There: Starting Back on the Water after a Long Winter

Competing Indoors: The Toronto Indoor Boat Show SUP Race


Implementing the Changes to your SUP Technique

Paddle Training with Tech: Apple Watch Ultra v. Garmin Fenix 7X

Celebrate a Year of Paddle Monster’s “The Catch”

SUP Paddle Stroke: Land Drills for the Exit

Training Notebook: Strength Training Through the Competitive Paddle Season

How To: Training for a High-Priority SUP Event Early in the Season

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Paddle Events

August 3, 2024 07:00

Ohio River Paddlefest Races

Bring your SUP, kayak, canoe, tandem, or prone and join Adventure Crew, The Explore Kentucky Initiative, Stand Up Paddle Cincinnati, at the Ohio River Paddlefest. Racers will be a part of the nation's largest paddling celebration, leading over 2,000 recreational paddlers down a closed course on the Ohio River, passing through downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Race entry includes all Ohio River Paddlefest perks, like free shuttles, and invitation to the Outdoors for All Expo on Friday, August 4. Paddlefest races are part of The Waterman Series and the Midwest Paddle League. All proceeds from Paddlefest, including the races, support Adventure Crew and their work with 27 schools and hundreds city teens, exposing them to regular outdoor recreation at no-cost to students. Paddlefest races will follow the classifications outlined below for paddlecraft with youth, mens, and womens divisions.
Circumnavigation- Tilghman Island
August 4, 2024 07:00

The Circumnavigation-Tilghman Island 2024

YEAR TWO!! Welcome and Welcome back if you paddled with us in 2023. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Island in 2024! This paddle event is open to…
August 17, 2024 07:00

Whiskey Island Paddlefest

2-mile, 6-mile, youth, or kids’ stand up paddleboard or kayak race during the 10th annual Whiskey Island Paddlefest

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