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About Paddle Monster Paddle Technique Coaching

Paddle Monster 8-week Technique Program

Custom Technique Training
Technique is one of the 3 main pillars of success in paddling (the others being aerobic fitness and strength). It is so vitally important that even the strongest, fittest athletes will not perform to their potential without being able to paddle effectively.  Yet technique remains one of the least understood and coached parts of most paddlers' preparation.

Technique is one of the three pillars of performance in paddling along with aerobic fitness and power/power endurance.  That said, even the fittest and most powerful athletes will be limited in their performance if they paddle with poor technique.  Conversely, people who aren’t as fit or powerful as they should be can still perform surprisingly well if they paddle well.  Technique is that important. I believe I can teach anyone to begin to paddle with awesome technique in 8 weeks, provided they have some basic board skills and stability, an open mind, are willing to take a step back to end up taking two or more steps forward, and are willing to do the work prescribed. Here’s how I’d work with you in the Paddle Monster 8-week Technique Program:

Week 1

  • Paddler submits video for analysis (left side, right side, front and back)
  • I complete a thorough video analysis using my analysis app which I return to you.
  • You watch the analysis, making note of your questions, comments and things needing clarification
  • We have a Zoom conference where we discuss the analysis and your technique, I answer your questions, provide clarification and provide demonstrations. I show you what you’re doing and what you need to try to do to paddle more effectively.  I provide you with land and on-water drills to help you get there and set a program for the week that provides you with the work that will help you affect the changes you are after as effectively as possible.
  • You work as directed with unlimited access to me through the week through the Paddle Monster app to ask questions, seek clarification and, if so desired, to submit more video mid-week for feedback.

Week 2

  • At the end of week 1 you submit another video
  • We have a Zoom conference where we view and discuss your video, progress you’ve made, new issues that may have arisen, and next steps. I provide demonstrations as necessary with my explanations.  I provide a plan for week 2 that includes drills and on-water work designed to maximize your progress.
  • You work as directed with unlimited access to me through the week through the Paddle Monster app to ask questions, seek clarification, and if so desired to submit more video mid-week for feedback.

Week 3 to 7

  • We continue with the process of weekly video submissions and Zoom conferences
  • As you develop increasingly sound foundational techniques we introduce the following concepts to help you take your new or refined technique to the next level, providing drills and tasks to help you master these concepts:
    • Develop flexibility with your technique to effectively apply different loads and cadences in different situations.  This equips you to paddle effectively in all the situations you’ll encounter when racing.
    • Learning to attack the water and be more aggressively dynamic with your foundational movements.  This is the key to sprinting.
    • Learning to effectively apply your technique in the dynamic environment of rough water

Week 8

  • Final video submission and Zoom conference
  • Next steps for continuing to enhance your technique beyond the program.

In helping you I’m applying the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from more than 45 years of high-level paddling and more than 25 years of high-level coaching.  Over the years I’ve developed a range of strategies and drills that help paddlers understand and master the fundamentals of effective technique, and my years of coaching and more than 20 years of teaching have helped me develop a knack for finding ways of explaining things that people can understand.  If you’re willing to do the work I provide you, I am confident you can begin paddling with fantastic technique in a relatively short period of 8 weeks. As this is an in-depth program with a high degree of coach/athlete contact I can only work with 4 paddlers at a time.  If you’re interested in doing this program please register or get on the waitlist.  I’m looking forward to working with you!

Paddle Monster Elite Technique Coaching Program

All-encompassing elite technique program to take you to the next level
USD $ 800
Per Program
  • 8-week intensive technique improvement course
  • Individual start dates
  • Initial, bi-weekly, and exit video analysis conferencing via Zoom
  • Concrete technique goals and development plan
  • Prescribing reading/video viewing & Drills
  • A training program based on technical objectives as the priority
  • Unlimited access to paddle monster coaching content through the Coaching App
  • Unlimited follow-up Q&A conversation through the Paddle Monster Coaching App Conversations Feature
  • All Zoom sessions are recorded and shared with the paddler

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