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Paddle Technique Video Analysis

Video analysis gives you meaningful feedback so you can make the improvements necessary to optimize your stroke

Regardless of the sport, in an ideal world coach and athlete are able to work together regularly to not just develop the fitness required for the sport in question but the skills and technique that allow the athlete to perform at the highest level. Paddling is no different, being very technical not only with regards to an effective connection with the water and stroke technique but also skills like beach starts, buoy turns, downwinding and surfing. While our coaches can’t be there in person to help you with your technical development on a daily basis, with a powerful tool like video they can work with you to develop and maintain effective technique and skills. Not only can our coaches use video to isolate elements of your stroke and illustrate what you may or may not be doing, but you can actually see what you’re doing and better understand their instructions and suggestions on what you can do to improve. There are two options to have your technique analyzed by our Paddle Monster coaches:


USD $ 130
Per Video
  • In-depth, extended video analysis
  • Reviews multiple angles (up to 4)
  • Your Coach Reviews and Comments on Video
  • Your videos will be returned with inline markups and comments
Per Paddler


USD $ 40
Per Video
  • A great follow-on to your initial, in-depth analysis
  • Individual video analysis to track improvement
  • Get on-going feedback on your work
  • Submit as many as you want, as frequently as you want
  • Details feedback provided per video
Per Paddler


  • Have someone record you paddling Front, Back, Paddling on Left from Left, Paddling on Right from right
  • Video less than 10 good strokes per angle
  • All Video should be filmed in landscape format
  • Make sure they are representative strokes
  • Do not record warmup strokes
  • Record at a video size of 600×400
  • You may take up to 4 videos, with the entire aggregate recording time less than 60 Seconds
  • Name your video files with your last name and a number 1-4
  • Total file size of all files should be under 50MB
  • Follow the instructions to Upload your video
  • Make sure you are on a fast, high-speed wifi network before uploading files. Data charges may apply if you are using a cell phone.
  • You will get an email confirmation
  • Your coach will review and comment on your actual video, saving a new video with his feedback and a paddle prescription for technique and drills to help you improve your technique.
  • You will get an alert email letting you know your analyzed video is ready for download

Paddle Monster Coaches

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