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About Paddle Monster Coaches

Paddler in Training

Coaching and training plans with the coach of you choice
$ USD 60
  • Your training goals are integrated into our online paddle training programs
  • Prepare for any race including the big ones Work with the coach of your choice
  • Communicate with your coach directly, one-on-one through the Paddle Monster platform. They are there for you as you need them!
  • 100% online with access to a decade's worth of amazing paddle content!

+Paddle Strength Program

Add the Paddle Monster Paddle Strength Training program from Coach Cain

$ USD 80
  • Everything in the Paddler in Training program with the Coach of your choice
  • Strength program designed for your level and customized for you needs from Coach Victoria
  • Detailed programs and "how-to" videos to show guide you through the workout

Coach Victoria Burgess

CISSN: Nutrition and Human Performance Coach

Nutrition Coaching with Coach Victoria

2024 Crossing Training

20 week (5 month) Training program for the 2022 Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis with Coach Victoria Burgess, Ph.D
$ USD 475
  • Whether you’re going solo or relay, its time to start training! Each paddler will receive:
  • weekly SUP training program
  • weekly strength and conditioning programs
  • an individual nutrition template for your crossing day
  • AND one group zoom session about a month before crossing for final prep.

Custom Training Program from Coach Victoria

Maximize your strengths, work on your weaknesses, and peak for the races that are most important to you.
$ USD 250
  • Offer limited to 5 athletes per month
  • Includes paddle, cardio, and cross-training workouts
  • Strength training workouts built to your personal training schedule
  • BONUS nutritional templates to match your workouts and energy expenditure throughout the month
  • Basic fitness measure test at the start of the program (VIA Zoom)
  • Followed up with a fitness test every quarter, to gather baseline and measure progress throughout the program
  • Paddle Monster all-access membership included. Includes app, videos, blogs, forums, and online training community
  • Plus 1- 30min phone consult per month to check-in and plan out your training program and upcoming schedule
  • Delivered monthly via email
  • Unlimited emails and program modifications as needed

Nutritional Consult

$ USD 100
  • Not yet ready for a whole individualized program, but would like to gather more in-depth knowledge to start to create goals on your current situation?
  • 45 minute phone or email consult, whenever needed
  • Discuss whatever aspect of your nutrition you need help with or when planning out your race (or other) goals!
  • **Templates not provided with this service**

Basic 1-on-1 Sports Nutrition

$ USD 125 Monthly
  • Initial consult/questionnaire online
  • Macronutrient and/or supplement strategy
  • Weekly email check in on progress, challenges, etc.

Advanced 1-on-1 Sports Nutrition

$ USD 190
  • Initial consult, including goals, macros, event planning, etc.
  • (1) 30 minute phone or skype conversations
  • Weekly monitoring of MyFitnessPal with adjustments as needed
  • Unlimited emails
  • Personalized macronutrient and supplement plan
  • Body stat tracking (if possible)
  • Meal adjustment help (NOT MEAL PLANS)
  • Planning for specific event (this will require an ongoing subscription until the event, as they will receive each part of the plan during that stage).
Great Deal

Paddle Strength Only Program

Recommended robust work management with customization & exec reporting.
$USD 30
  • Access to Weekly Paddle Strength Programs
  • Coaching from Sports Nutrition and Strength Coach, Coach Victoria
  • Access to the Forums, the Coaches, Social, Videos and Articles from over the last decade

One-Time Video Analysis

Elite Paddle Coach Video Technique Analysis
$USD 130 Per Analysis
  • Personalized video analysis
  • Get meaningful feedback from any of our coaches
  • Make the improvements necessary to optimize your technique and stroke

Active Paddler

Active Paddler Access (was Paddle Monster Basic)
$USD 9
  • Access to the Paddle Monster Coaching Community
  • Full access to the videos, posts, calendar and community discussions
  • Full Access to Special Zoom Calls with Paddle Monster Coaches
  • Intended for those of you working with a local Paddle Monster group or Club, regional Paddle Monster Coach or Paddle Monster location.
  • Does not include coaching or training plans.

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