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Active Paddler Membership

Access to paid content:

  • Are you new to paddling?
  • Are you looking to get started in SUP, Outrigger, or other paddle racing sports?
  • Are you an accomplished paddler looking for the best paddle community, content, and coaches on the web?

If you answered yes to any of the above, joining the “Active Paddler” Paddle Monster membership level will be your entry into the strongest, most inclusive, and knowledgeable paddle community available!

What we used to call our Basic Membership, the Active Paddler gives subscribers access to tons of videos, races, group access to coaches in Zoom calls, some cool discount merch, and much much more!

  • Full access to videos, posts, calendar, the Paddle Monster Race community, zoom sessions, technique videos, and drills,
  • Full Access to regular scheduled Zoom Calls with Paddle Monster Coaches
  • Intended for those of you working with a local Paddle Monster group or Club, regional Paddle Monster Coach, or Paddle Monster location.
  • Does not include coaching or training plans