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Buddy SUPing: A Paddle Community Grows out of Covid in Toronto

Buddy SUPing: Toronto’s Paddling Community

Buddy SUPing is a SUP community in Toronto, Ontario that started with a few paddlers looking for people to paddle with and has grown, in only a few years, into a community of SUP paddlers over 3,600 strong.  Through paddling meet ups and on and off water events with a focus on inclusivity, this group has become a vehicle for people to have fun, make new friends and learn new paddling skills.  Coach Cain interviews Vicky Tran, Jordan Cabral and Jessica Tuazon about the community they’ve grown, how it all started, what it’s all about and where they see it going.  Definitely inspirational material, showing others what’s possible when a few like-minded people get together eager to share their stoke for the sport.  


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