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Paddle Monster 2023-24 Off-Season Training

The Close of 2023: Time to Look Ahead

With the last of the races of the 2023 season almost upon us, it’s time to start training for the 2024 season.

Kickstarting the Off-Season: What to Expect on October 30

Our Paddle Monster Off-Season Training will commence on October 30 with some testing, new strength work, and two weeks of active rest/unstructured training. This allows everyone to establish some fitness baselines, begin the process of developing increased strength for the 2024 season, and to maintain a good level of fitness while recovering for two weeks from a long and challenging 2023 season.

November’s Intense Training Regime

On November 13, we’ll begin off-season training in earnest with a strong focus on the development of non-specific aerobic fitness, strength, and improved paddling technique. All paddlers, whether they are from warm or cold climates, will be encouraged to focus more on land-based work to develop fitness and use paddling, should they be able to get on the water, to enhance technique.

Tailored Programs for Every Climate

I’ll be setting programs for paddlers from both warm and cold climates and continue to do so throughout the winter so that those in deep freeze areas and those in the sunny south will have work specific to the conditions they find themselves in.

Transitioning to On-Water Work in 2024

On January 15, 2024, warm-climate paddlers and those in cold climates who are able to paddle and plan on doing major races in March or April will see the focus of their training shift from land-based work to a full return to on-water work and the development of a specific aerobic base. Those in colder climates will continue to do the preponderance of their training on land until mid-March.

The Impact of a Robust Off-Season on Race Performance

A strong off-season of training has an enormous impact on performance in the ensuing paddling season, not only early in the season but late into the season as well. I’ve seen it again and again, whether in canoe-kayak or SUP, that the athletes who put in the most quality work in the off-season get the most out of their racing in the season ahead. If you’ve got big goals for 2024, making them a reality starts now!


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Here is the link to the ZOOM CALL to talk about this next training cycle. Active Paddlers and Paddlers in Training are welcome to attend.

Join Coach Larry Cain as he discusses and answers questions about the Paddle Monster Off-Season Program

If you are considering training in this upcoming cycle, contact us for access.

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