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How to Post a Paddle Monster Classified

Posting a classified – we believe – is super easy. Before you begin, make sure you have:
– Detailed about the items your posting – Length, width, year, volume
– Determine what you’re selling with the item. if it’s a board, are the fins included, etc.?
– Make sure you have at least three good pictures – include pictures of imperfections, repairs, etc. Being transparent and clear will help sell your item much faster.
– Determine if you will deliver and if so how far. Frequently, big races like Chattajack, for example, are great events from which to deliver and pick-up equipment.

How to get started, Pick “Add Your Classified Listing from the left menu.

The first portion of the screen will allow you to select if you’re selling, Looking for something or “buying” or looking to exchange your equipment.

NOTE: You will be asked to pay at the end of the flow. Wanted are free, any buy or exchange listing is $25 US.

Once you’re selected your “Ad Type”, you then pick the category of equipment you wish to post about. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be presented with the rest of the form to load details about your classified.

Complete the rest of the form – this is really self explanatory. NOTE: Don’t miss the details about the image size, it’s important that your images are not massive – it’s not needed and it will slow the whole site down for everyone else, therefore we do limit the size.

Once you’re classified is listed, you’ll be taken to a payment screen. If you are a “Buy” person – someone who is looking for a specific piece of equipment – you can stop here…if you’re selling or exchanging, please complete the payment, otherwise your listing wont’ be posted.

NOTE: Once you’re reached this point, we will review and post your listing. – you can feel free to email if you want and that will prompt us to get it reviewed and posted. I know you all hate this step, but you’d be surprises the things that people post – even if they pay – so to protect our community from the kooks out there, we’ve added this step.

Thanks for using Paddle Monster!!

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