Video analysis gives you meaningful feedback so you can make the improvements necessary to optimize your stroke

Regardless of the sport, in an ideal world coach and athlete are able to work together regularly to not just develop the fitness required for the sport in question but the skills and technique that allow the athlete to perform at the highest level. Paddling is no different, being very technical not only with regards to an effective connection with the water and stroke technique but also skills like beach starts, buoy turns, downwinding and surfing.

While our coaches can’t be there in person to help you with your technical development on a daily basis, with a powerful tool like video they can work with you to develop and maintain effective technique and skills. Not only can our coaches use video to isolate elements of your stroke and illustrate what you may or may not be doing, but you can actually see what you’re doing and better understand their instructions and suggestions on what you can do to improve. There are two options to have your technique analyzed by our Paddle Monster coaches:


This is where everyone needs to start. It’s an in-depth, extended video analysis that looks at multiple angles and clips (up to a maximum of 4) per the instructions below. Your coach will review and comment on your video, creating a new video with his or her feedback (your coach will actually talk to you on the video) and drawings highlighting and explaining what you’re doing, what you need to correct, and detailed steps and actions you can take to make those corrections and improve your technique. See the sample video.


Once you’ve had your coach complete the in-depth analysis you have on-going access to that coach and can submit individual video clips ($20/video) to get ongoing feedback on the development of your technique as well as skills like beach starts, buoy turns, etc. You can submit as many clips as you want as frequently as you want. You’ll receive brief but concise written feedback in the form of a couple of paragraphs outlining your progress, strengths, weaknesses and next steps for each clip with the option of asking follow up questions as required. These short videos can allow you to work with your coach on an on-going basis to continue to develop and refine your technique, effectively delivering the same results as you’d get by working regularly with a coach in person.