Welcome to the distressed Mullet

This site is dedicated to Standup Paddleboarding. From sessions to training, equipment to technique, we’ll cover it all. The title comes from a fishing trip I went on recently with a fly fishing guide buddy of mine, Seth Vernon. We were “walking the dog” with some topwater lures and getting slammed by some redfish. I said, “Seth, why do they attack this red cork-looking thing?” He responded, “Because it looks like a distressed mullet. Nothing can resist a distressed mullet.”

When I was first learning how to paddle, I resembled a distressed mullet. I floundered. I fell. SUP became irresistible. No matter how badly I got my ass kicked, I wanted to get better. Flatwater turned into distance paddling, which turned into downwinders, which turned into open ocean downwinders. I had been reluctant to try surfing because I was remaining loyal to my surfing heritage, but after one session off Figure 8 Island with Jason Colclough, I was hooked again.

I think that’s the true beauty of SUP is simply as another vehicle to get out on the water, to enjoy the outdoors, to ride waves and windswell, and in some cases, to compete.

I’m opening this up to a few friends to help post information, so know that not all the posts are from a single idiot. In fact, the posts will be from a diverse group of idiots. But at least they’ll be sincere.