SUP Marinaa Club – Paddles 135 KM for Clean Water!

In a bid to create awareness about the dangers of dumping waste in water bodies, members of the SUP Marinna Paddle Club of Chennai India – a team participating in the Paddle Monster Paddle Around the World Event – embarked on a 135 km Stand Up Paddling endeavor through the Adyar River and Buckingham Canal on Thursday, December 24, 2020. They traveled from Adyar to Maajakyuppam village in Villupuram district over the following three days.
Satish Kumar, who heads the team, said the team witnessed a mini lorry and tricycles disposing of garbage into the Canal at over 18 locations.  They even saw a sewage tanker lorry dumping sewage into the canal.

The team spent their time educating locals on the dangers of polluting the waterways and the importance of making them pollution-free. Their event brought awareness through local education as well as the stories written in the Indian publications below.

Positive Experience

On the flip side, the team was able to witness nature at its finest, such as mangroves along Kovalam and banana plantations on the banks of the canal. The team said they caught sight of birds such as pelicans, flamingos, and cranes during their journey.

The Paddle Monster team is super excited that these paddlers consistently participate and contribute to the Paddle Monster Paddle Challenge series.  This Chennai community of paddlers bring all the stoke and passion for the sport that we see in other paddling centers around the world!

Congratulations SUP Marrinaa!!  Well done!