Starting Memorial Day Weekend :: Join ALL ACCESS to kick off your Summer Training

Paddle Monster Summer Training

It’s Memorial Day weekend and June is almost here. We’re rapidly approaching the thick of the SUP summer racing season. If you’re excited about racing this summer the time to start doing something about it is now.

Although our Paddle Monster Summer Program started a few weeks ago, it’s not too late to get started. The way things work with Paddle Monster is paddlers share their goals and schedules with us and we come up training for them that is personalized. Basically we’re modifying the program we’ve posted for the entire group, but in certain cases we’re designing different workouts that better reflect a paddler’s specific needs. The whole idea of Paddle Monster is to provide paddlers with the training that best meets these personal needs, so if a paddler is willing to share their goals and availability to train with me, I’ll provide them with the right work whether they’re new to training with us or have trained with us before.

Goals are never achieved accidentally. It’s the result of doing some homework. At Paddle Monster our job is to ensure that that homework is both rewarding and fun! We’re looking forward to working with you!

No Contracts. Start any time. Set goals, get a plan and a coach and crush summer and fall races.

Choose from Coaches Larry Cain, Travis Grant, Seychelle or strength with Chris Chapman and Sports Nutrition with Victoria Burgess.

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