OABI 2019 is cancelled


“For our families and yours OABI has become one of the highlights of the summer in Detroit. For the past 7 years we were thrilled to carry the awesome responsibility of producing an event that lived up to such great expectations. However, market forces coupled with venue limitations and other factors led us to this very difficult decision.

Please accept our apology regarding the confusion of the previously posted Save the Date. We were excited to find a buyer for the event, someone who we thought would carry on the event and meet attendee expectations. Upon their request we put out a save the date as the paper work was being completed, however, they backed out of the sale leaving us in this position. We only released a save the date because of the promise the event would be produced that day.

We wanted to make you aware of this as soon as we possibly could. Thank you for all your support and passion for OABI. Farewell for now.”

In other words, it’s cancelled.

It’s truly a bummer because Detroit and the paddlers in this region are amazing. We’ve really enjoyed going each year and I’ll miss it greatly…

Two Suggestions:

  1. Go Old School and have it as a meetup. Jay Race Style. Show up. Line Up. Paddle. Finish. Look at your watch if you need a time. Bring trophies to exchange. Any type will do: Bowling, Fishing, Karate, 5K medals. Whatever. Have a BBQ or meet up for burgers/BBQ/brats and beers/sodas.
  2. Consider going to the Wai Nui O Kanaka race in Oakville, Ontario on Lake Ontario the same August 10 weekend. Last year it was a super fun race for SUPs, outriggers, kayaks and skis in interesting and fun conditions that was held on a date that didn’t conflict with OABI.