Buy Local Shop Profile: Lake Powell Paddleboards, Page, AZ

Lake Powell

Lake Powell Paddleboards is a family owned and operated Stand Up Paddle (SUP) shop located in downtown Page, Arizona, just minutes from Lake Powell.


836 Vista Ave, Page AZ 86040, mailing address is P.O. Box 2187, Page AZ 86040 (post office doesn’t deliver to our physical address)

What board companies do you carry?

Riviera, Boardworks, Glide, Bounce, Surftech, YOLO, Red Paddle, Imagine

What paddles do you carry?

Kialoa, Riviera, Carbonerro, Aqua-Bound

Lake Powell

Do you have Paddleboard Rentals?


Lake Powell

Do you offer lessons?

We offer lessons from WPA Certified Instructors.

What other services do you provide?

We offer rentals, lessons, tours and sales, plus Jeep Tours, kayak and fat-tire bike rentals. We have just finished building our new shop out of recycled shipping containers. The only retail shop like it in Northern Arizona! We are going to build a SUP-themed hostel out of 12 shipping containers this year!

How healthy is the sport?

We feel the sport is growing very rapidly.

Any advice for manufacturers?

We need tougher boards to handle renter abuse! Our environment is all rock and very hard on fiberglass boards.

What kind of paddling settings and conditions are near your shop?

Located on the border of Utah and Arizona and surrounded by the Navajo Nation, Lake Powell is one of the world’s top SUP destinations. The incredible canyons and natural landscapes are unlike anywhere else on earth. Lake Powell is located in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  Glen Canyon was the name of the tranquil section of the Colorado River that once meandered through red rock canyons which, after the building of Glen Canyon Dam in 1966, became the stunning blue waters of Lake Powell. The lake is named after explorer John Wesley Powell, the first documented person to float the Colorado River. We are located in Page, which is the only city near Lake Powell. The lake is over 150 miles long, has 94 major canyons and is very remote. It’s like being in your own world! Other than the Page section of the lake, there are no services, restaurants, hotels or gas stations except for just a few far up lake. So come prepared!

Lake Powell

What is it about paddling that gets you going in the morning? That gets you excited?

We love to see the look on our customers faces when they return from paddling the canyons. They are blown away by the beauty of this place. We love showing it to people. We have visitors from all over the world who come here to see the famous Antelope Slot canyon. We have had people from as far away as Russia, Saudi Arabia, China and Bangladesh!

Tell us about  the paddling  community in your  area?

We have a small group of locals here. Our town only has about 7000 residents. We have over 1 million visitors here every year! We have a meet-up group which is growing. We do a lot with our local Navajo kids and participate in a lot of local activities.

What local events do you have and what are their dates and locations?

Since the lake is in the National Park we are limited on what we can do. No races allowed. We do have SUPIA Youth Days in June. We work with the Active Trails Navajo youth program each summer.

Best piece of SUP advice you give to paddlers?

Paddling out is voluntery, paddling back is mandatory! Take water with you always! (FYI- It costs $26,000 to get rescued by heleicopter here!)

What are your must-have accessories for every paddler?

PFD, leash, water, Lake Powell Paddleboards hat and sunscreen