Buy Local Shop Profile: Idaho River Sports, Boise, Idaho

Idaho River Sports


Idaho River Sports
601 N. Whitewater Park Blvd.
Boise, Idaho 83702

Idaho River Sports

What board companies do you carry?

Starboard, Hobie, NRS, Boardworks, C4 Waterman, Badfish, Glide, Surftech, Hydrus Board Tech and more!

What paddles do you carry?

Werner Paddles, Kialoa, Sawyer, Carlisle, Quickblade, NRS and more!

Do you have Paddleboard Rentals?


Do you offer lessons?


What other services do you provide?

We provide board and drysuit gasket repairs, option installation, plus we provide SUP yoga and SUP fitness classes, team building, etc. Canoe, raft and kayak rentals too!

Idaho River Sports

What is your biggest challenge as a retailer?

Being able to anticipate our customer’s needs and making sure what we do and sell exceeds their expectations!

On a scale of 1-10, how healthy is the sport?


On a scale of 1-10, how likely will the sport continue to grow in this next year?


Where will we see the growth if any?

Competitive activities from racing to river surfing, more crossover from other paddlesports and creating great on-water experiences for our customers.

Do you have any advice for manufacturers?

Improve distribution channels, local marketing and sales.

What kind of paddling settings and conditions are near your shop? Remember – we need all the details!! Make us want to paddle there!

Idaho River Sports is the gateway to the Boise River Park, a first of its kind year round river surfing venue and beautiful Quinn’s Pond. We are also at the doorstep of another great park system to open in 2017 that will include 3 more ponds that are interconnected with Quinn’s Pond and the Boise River. The entire complex is located minutes from downtown Boise and is the largest urban paddling venue in North America!


What is it about paddling that gets you up in the morning? That gets you excited? We REALLY want to know!

Being outdoors and on the water brings balance to all of our busy lives! We and all of our staff do this because it’s what we love.

Describe your local paddle community. When do you get together and what are they like?

We have been part of the local paddling scene for over 40 years and Idaho River Sports will be celebrating 30 years in business in 2016-2017. Our early adventures kept us on some of the best whitewater in the world – the Payette and Salmon rivers are close by. We started the Idaho Canoe Kayak SUP Club in the 80’s to help our customers find places and people to paddle with. The group has over 500 members and close to 100 or more that are active monthly. We also provide free clinics for scouts, adaptive education, schools and groups that support cancer survivors and more.

In 2008 we added SUP to our busy kayak, raft and canoe business and are now the largest SUP shop in Idaho. With the emergence of SUP we helped start events like the Payette River Games. We share our commitment to the sports and places we love with everyone we meet.


What local events do you have and what are their dates and locations?

Fall Paddle Classic tent. October 1st
SUP Skills and Drills September

Best piece of SUP advice you give to paddlers?

SUP will give you what you put into it!

What are your must-have accessories for every paddler?

A well-fitting PFD and Hydroskin layers.