2020 Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis 20-week Training Program with Coach Seychelle on Paddle Monster

Are you ready to start training for the paddle of a lifetime? If your goal is to cross from Bimini to Florida this June, this program is designed to get you there. It is scalable to all levels of paddlers and to individual or team participants.

The cost is $375 for the whole program (one-time fee) and includes weekly paddle workouts, strength training workouts, coach’s notes, direct access to your coach, Paddle Monster all-access membership for the duration of the program.

All designed to get you ready to paddle 80 miles across the ocean.

What this program includes:

– Weekly paddle workouts
– Weekly strength workouts
– Weekly coaches notes, training tips and training tasks
– 2 hour standup paddle clinic with Coach Seychelle – select dates
– All-access to the Paddle Monster app
   -Paddle Monster app includes: access to you coach, access to your programs, paddlers forum, video database of technique videos, strength videos, yoga and mobility videos, coaches blogs, online training community of paddlers.
For further information contact seychelle@paddlemonster.com


Do I have to have to be an experienced paddler to join this program? No. This program is scalable. We will start off slow and build up at a safe rate of training volume increase.
What if I am already an experienced paddlers? WIll this program still help me? Yes. I will have scaling options, especially in the early weeks, for those that are already currently training on SUP.
What are the requirements of the training program? The program will give you the option of 4 paddles/cardio sessions a week, 2 strength sessions, and a recovery session. How much or how little you do will depend on you and your schedule.
What equipment is required to complete the workouts? You will need your board, paddle, pfd, leash and at the very least a waterproof watch. I also recommend, but not require, a GPS to keep your speed, preferably one with programmable intervals like a garmin or speedcoach, and a linkable heart rate monitor.
What if I am already a Paddle Monster member? Do I need to pay the one-time fee? If you are a current paddle monster all-access member and have been training with coach Seychelle for more than 3 months, you can transfer to the CFCF program for no additional charge. All others must pay one-time fee.
How do I access my program? You will need to download the pdlmnstr app on your smart phone or tablet. Programs are loaded weekly and viewable on the app. Detailed instructions provided upon signing up.
What do I do if I can only train 2 times a week? Can I still do the Crossing for CF? Yes. Historically there have been folks that crossing the gulf stream with almost no training, but I highly discourage you from trying to do so. Even if you can only get out on the water 2 days a week, that is enough. Hopefully you can find time for some land-based training on the other days. If you are serious about your success, you will need to make it a priority. The less you can train, the more important it is to make sure those training sessions count? Follow a program to help stay on target.
It’s past February 3rd. Did I miss out? Can I still join the Program? Yes. The earlier you can sign up the better, but there is no problem joining any time. Contact me for prorating options.
I do not live in Florida and I will not be able to attend a clinic. In this case, contact me and we can look at scheduling an online video analysis session instead.
Do you offer Custom Training programs that can factor in my unique schedule or other racing goals between now and June? Yes I do offer custom written programs with other great perks for serious, goal oriented paddlers. More info can be found at seychellesup.com/coaching
How does it work with the 2-hour Clinic being included? I will be holding 3 clinics in South/Central Florida between now and June. As a subscribing member to this program, you are invited to attend one of these 100% free of charge. and I highly recommend doing so. If you cannot make it to the clinics or would like to schedule a private lesson with Seychelle, visit Seychellesup.com/coaching