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This is something we’ve wanted to bring to fruition since May 2020 when we saw so many new paddlers getting on the water after the first pandemic lockdowns.  We were inspired by seeing how many new paddlers were taking up SUP and wanted to create content that would be relevant to them, helping to make their paddling experience better, while at the same time providing useful and interesting content for more experienced paddlers and racers.  It’s taken a while but here we are, with our first issue out and more on the way.

Our pledge to you is to provide interesting, informative and relevant monthly content appealing to all paddlers new and old – racers, fitness trainers and recreational paddlers – across a range of categories from fitness to training to racing, from technique to equipment, from SUP travel to paddler profiles and more.  It’s translatable, for the most part, into 10 different languages.

We’re glad you’ve chosen to join us and thank you for giving us the chance to add to your paddling experience.  Please feel free to comment on the articles and suggest topics you’d like to see us explore.

Happy reading and happy paddling!

This Month's Published Content!

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SUP Land Drills: The Pull
Land Drills for the Pull In the last two issues of The Catch, we’ve been looking at land drills – what...
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Marker Workouts and the Value of Regularly Repeating Workouts in Training 
Marker Workouts and the Value of Regularly Repeating Workouts in Training  In my experience, one of the...
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When It's Okay to Miss a Paddle Workout and What to Do When that Happens
How Do I Know When to Miss a Paddle Workout? When you’re a super enthusiastic trainer and have a good...
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Lace Up Those Runners: How Running Can Help Your Paddling
Lace Up Those Runners to Improve Paddle Fitness Whether you’re a novice paddler, a more experienced paddler...
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Open Q and A Zoom Session with Coach Larry Cain
Open Q and A Zoom Session with Coach Larry Cain  Hi Everyone! This is our 10th issue of season 1 of “The...
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Improving SUP Paddling Technique While Standing on Land
Improving SUP Paddling Technique While Standing on Land Yes, you read that right.  It’s possible to improve...
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Circuit Training for SUP Power Endurance and Aerobic Fitness
 SUP Power Endurance and Aerobic Fitness Circuit Training Back when I was training in canoe we trained...
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Implementing Changes to SUP Technique
Implementing Changes to Technique Over the last several months I’ve written a lot about technique.  From...
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The Beginners Guide to Repairing SUP Board Dings
Repairing SUP Board Dings If you paddle a hard board, it’s likely you’ve put a ding in it before.  If...
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The Line You Don’t Want to Cross in Training – Central Nervous System Fatigue
Central Nervous System Fatigue There’s a danger lurking out there for athletes.  It’s not life threatening,...
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Fitness for Paddling – Getting More out of your Trips to the Gym
Making the Most of Your Gym Sessions I had intended this month’s Fitness for Paddling post to introduce...
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Use a Resistor to Improve Technique and Develop Specific Strength
Improving Technique and Developing Specific Strength with a Resistor I don’t believe in spending...
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Paddling Machines – Yes or No?
Winter Training and Thoughts on the use of Paddling Machines The most fundamental element of paddling...
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A Simple but Effective Way to Train Your Balance and Footwork on Land
Train Your Balance and Footwork on Land New paddlers, understandably, often feel uncomfortable and reluctant...
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Off-Season Training
Off-Season Training Whether you’ve just finished your first paddling season, are an experienced paddler...
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