The Paddle Monster Elite Technique Coaching Program

Paddle Monster is super excited to announce our new Elite Technique Coaching Program!

elite technique coaching

The Paddle Monster coaching team is working hard to continue to improve and expand the paddling services they offer around the world. As a result, the Paddle Monster team is excited to announce our new Elite Technique Coaching Program.

This new program, which works with our athletes on their own specific needs and skills, addresses technique.

Paddle technique is one of the three main pillars of success in paddling (the others being aerobic fitness and strength). This new program is being led by Head Coach Larry Cain.

Technique is so vitally important that even the strongest, fittest athletes will not perform to their potential without being able to paddle effectively.  However, even with this important point, it remains one of the least understood and least coached parts of most paddlers’ preparation. Why is this? Technique coaching requires a personalized approach due to overall body makeup, functional fitness, flexibility, rotational capabilities, age, just to name a few. Focusing on improving technique is necessarily a one-on-one practice. This results in coaching requiring a lot of skill and experience in paddling and coaching.

What We Do

Paddle Monster is bringing one-on-one style technique coaching to its athletes through this new program. As a result, this program includes:

  • 8-week intensive technique improvement course
  • Individual start dates
  • Initial, bi-weekly, and exit video analysis conferencing via Zoom
  • Concrete technique goals and development plan
  • Prescribing reading/video viewing
  • Prescribed drills
  • A training program based on technical objectives as the priority
  • Unlimited access to paddle monster coaching content through the Coaching App
  • Unlimited follow-up Q&A conversation through the Paddle Monster Coaching App Conversations Feature
  • All Zoom sessions are recorded and shared with the paddler

join elite coachingHigh demand means space is limited, so to sign up for this new program, you can access the program detail and registration page under the coaching tab or just click here.

Welcome to the future of Paddle Monster paddle coaching. Join today and work with our coaches to be the best, fastest, more efficient, and technically sound paddler you can be!

Sign up here today!