The Catalina Classic Paddleboard Marathon2019 Recap Video

The Catalina Classic is Everest for prone paddlers. The history. The soul. This is the prone paddleboard race so many aspire to complete and compete in. It has a special place in our heart at Distressed Mullet and few people cover the event as intimately and honestly as Chris Aguilar with Fin Film Company. He paddles. He gets it. More importantly, he feels it and that comes though in every frame. After watching the video, please consider buying Chris a cup of coffee through the link below. We have to keep him caffeinated and shooting.

So many of the paddlers are out there paddling and raising money for cancer research and awareness through the Sarcoma Alliance and Ocean of Hope. If you’re looking for your WHY in this world, you don’t have to look too far to find people battling cancer. These paddlers inspire us, touch our hearts and pull tears. Thank you to everyone involved in the event, from organizers to volunteers to participants and everyone in between.

From Chris:

Thanks to Bark Paddleboards, we get to bring you another edit from the 32 Mile Catalina Classic Paddleboard Marathon. A very emotional event for all those Prone Paddleboard Raceinvolved, this race is one of the oldest paddleboard races in the world. It runs from Isthmus on Catalina Island to the Manhattan Beach Pier. Shot on the Panasonic CX350 with support from Kevin Johnson Visuals on the drone and finish line.

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