Prone Paddleboarding Essential Techniques from Riding Bumps

Riding Bumps is all over prone paddling and their new VIDEO: Prone Paddleboarding: Essential Techniques video is amazing. I just got it and watched it and if it wasn’t 20 degrees, I’d be on the water trying some of the techniques.

The video is available for download. It’s $34.95

This VIDEO DOWNLOAD covers all of the techniques that the beginner and intermediate paddler must know before they race or train on a prone paddleboard. We even cover all of the mistakes new paddlers make including swinging the arms too wide, dropped elbows, poor board position, poor reach, the long stroke, bouncing up and down on their knees, poor cadence while knee paddling, paddling with a dead upper body, and many more.

This video is narrated by Roch Frey and both Roch and George Plsek demonstrate proper and improper paddle technique. The total running time is 38 minutes and 57 seconds.

Buy the How-To Prone video here

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