2021 Virtual Paddle League – The February Five

The Virtual Paddle League is Back

The Virtual Paddle League is back this year with a series of virtual events with shorter windows. Leading off is “The February Five”, a free, 5 km out and back race to help you get a jump start on spring training with a turn at 2.5 km. The window for this virtual challenge is the month of February only, though you can submit times as often as you want over the course of the month.
We recognize that some people might be dealing with some pretty severe paddling conditions at this time of year so please post photos in the Virtual Paddle League Clubhouse on Facebook.  We’ll be looking to see who has the most ice on their board/boat!

To learn more, read about this race in the VPL 2021 Race Series List.

NOTE: The VPL menu is now under the following menu on the Paddle Monster.com site or through https://virtualpaddleleague.com: