2021 Virtual Paddle League – March into Spring

The Next Virtual Paddle League Race is Up!

March into Spring“, a free, combined event race that is the combination of:

– A 5k race with a turn at 2.5k,
– A 2k race with a turn at 1k,
– A 2k race with a turn at 500m, twice! (Or, 500m Out and Back – Twice!)
The window for this virtual event is the month of March, with an extension until Sunday, April 5!
You can submit any of the legs of this race as many times as you want and the last time in that leg will be replaced…but you MUST submit all three legs before you show up on the leaderboard with your combined time!
Post pictures on the VPL Facebook page or take Paddle Monster or Virtual Paddle League on Instagram and we’ll reshare your pictures!

To learn more, read about this race in the VPL 2021 Race Series List.

NOTE: The VPL menu is now under the following menu on the Paddle Monster.com site or through https://virtualpaddleleague.com: