Spring Training Multi-Skill Ocean SUP Camp: March 4-7 in Fort Pierce, FL

sup camp surf

sup camp surf

  • 4-day multi-skill camp
  • Limited to 10 People
  • The main focus is SUP surfing
  • Includes ocean racing skills and techniques
  • If conditions warrant, downwind skills day
  • Treasure Coast Paddle Battle race included Sat morning (nonracers have other options)
  • Pre-race chat night before the race
  • Post-race recap
  • SUP surf video analysis
  • Sunrise Yoga (one morning)
  • Registration opens December 7th

Questions? Email them to Victoria@paddlemonster.com

About Victoria Burgess, Ph.D.
Paddling, Health, Nutrition, and Human Performance Coach

Victoria Burgess, Ph.D. is a certified sports nutritionist, a world-class stand-up paddleboard competitor, and now, the Paddle Monster Nutrition and Human Performance Coach. Burgess has CISSN certification as a Sports Nutritionist and a Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance.

We are really excited to have Victoria as our sports nutrition expert. We’ve always taken the position that considering every possible angle in preparation is the key to suHccess in sports. What we eat fuels our performance and our recovery from hard training. It’s an important part of a “no stone left unturned approach” to our preparation. Having an expert, who is actually a high-performance paddler herself, provides our members with quality nutritional advice. This will make a huge difference to many paddlers who wish to get to the next level—no matter where they are—from beginner to professional.

Burgess is a resident of South Florida. She is a surfer and a stand-up paddleboard competitor with a passion for ocean races. She is a two-time Florida State Paddleboard Championship overall female champion, winner of the Rincon Beach Boy race (2016), Orange bowl paddleboard champion (2017), she placed 6th in the Molokai to Oahu championships, 3rd in the Maui to Molokai crossing and came in 2nd female overall in the East Coast SUP Surf Circuit in 2017.

In addition, in June 2018, Burgess completed a 115-mile journey across the Straits of Florida from Cuba to Key West in 27 hours and 48 minutes, non-stop. She set a Guinness Book of World Records being the fastest across the channel, and the first and only female to do so, thus far.

About Roray Kam:
Surf Instructor/Coach

Roray Kam is a multiple-time longboard champion and SUP paddler from Florida, (originally from the Big Island of Hawaii). Roray has been standup paddling since the movement in early 2006. He has won many SUP surf contests, placed 3rd in M2O stock, and has competed all over the world in professional surfing. Roray loves to share his passion for the ocean, whether it be surfing, paddling, fishing, diving, foiling, and more. He’s truly an all-around waterman who has mastered many crafts.