Run What Ya Brung

Welcome to the Virginia Beach “Run What Ya Brung” SUP Race Series!  The weather is warming (no really, it is) and it is time to start thinking about SUP Race Season.  There are a TON of races coming up in the mid-Atlantic Region and some of them will be right here in Virginia Beach.  This race series will run every Sunday at noon from Feb 28th-April 13th.
What this is: This race series is designed to be a low-cost (how does free sound?) and most importantly LOW-STRESS SUP racing series to help anyone who is interested in racing get better.  Have you heard about these “SUP races” and want to know more? This is for you.  Have you done a race or three and want to improve/get tips/ask questions/drink beer on the beach when we are done? This is for you too.  Are you a serious SUP athlete and want to fine tune your skills and practice some races before the season starts?  Yup, you need to come to these.
What this is NOT: Tents, sponsors, check-in, waivers, support boats,  prizes, goodie bags, swag, official race times, attitude, bragging (ok, you can talk some smack if you want), or complaining.
This series is going to be loosely coordinated by a few people (read: volunteers) who are committed to growing SUP racing in Hampton Roads.  This is going to be a GREAT opportunity to come out and paddle with other people, ask questions, see other equipment, learn and most importantly HAVE FUN!!  Because this is an informal race series there will be no support boats however all races will be from The Narrows State Park (land side of 64th street at the oceanfront) and not the open ocean.  You must provide your own SUP and paddle.  A PFD and leash are highly, highly encouraged.
Race Format: The emphasis for these races is on building endurance so for the first few weeks all races will start at the Narrows State beach.  There will be 2 race courses run at the same time: a 4 mile race (to the back of Crystal Lake) and a 7 mile race (around Bay Island).  Other formats as the weather and water warm up will be considered later in the series.
Visit the Facebook page for the most up to date information:
Free Virginia Beach Race Series