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On May 18th, paddleboarders from across South Florida gathered at 915 NW Flagler Ave in Stuart, FL, for the Race the Tide 25-mile paddle relay race. Hosted by Jeramie Vaine of Blueline Surf & Paddle Co., this event was more than just a race—it was an adventure filled with fun, competition, and community spirit.

Participants teamed up in groups of four, each supported by a boat, to navigate the Intracoastal waterways from Stuart to Jupiter. The rules were simple but challenging: one paddler on the water at a time, mandatory lifejackets and whistles, and strict adherence to local boating laws. Along the way, paddlers had to check in at four designated checkpoints, collecting medallions and cards for a final poker hand showdown.

"Jeremy made this race so much fun with the boat drafting and costume contest. We dressed up as the Fruit of the Loom logo members and won the costume contest. The race was tough with all the boat traffic and wind, but we managed to come in third in the stand-up division and fourth overall," she recounted.

Victoria Burgess, one of the standout underwear-wearing participants, shared her excitement about the event.

The creativity didn't stop at the costumes. Teams sprinted through the waterways, navigating the waves and the wind while enjoying the camaraderie and the unique challenges of drafting behind boats. The checkpoints added an extra layer of excitement, with participants eagerly collecting cards to form the best poker hand.

Our vision was to make a floating parade and paddle race from Stuart, Fl to Jupiter, FL, bringing boating and paddling together. With paddlers assembling teams of 4, and a support boat. We strongly encouraged surfing the boat wake and drafting the boat to help paddlers get to the end point, Guanabanas for the after party.
Awards were given to the fastest, but also the best dressed and best poker hand from the 4 checkpoints and finish. The community seemed pretty excited about it, next year we will do it again and we will be announcing the 2025 dates here shortly!

Jeramie Vaine

Blueline Surf & Paddle Co., the event's host, has been a staple in the Jupiter, FL, community since 2010. Founded by Adam and Katy Whittington, Blueline is known for its passion for the ocean and the paddleboarding community. The Race the Tide event exemplified this spirit, bringing together paddlers of all skill levels for a day of fun and friendly competition.

As the day wrapped up, the awards ceremony celebrated not only the fastest teams but also those who brought the most fun and creativity to the event. The Fruit of the Loom team took home the Tide Rider Show Pony award for their fantastic costumes and infectious enthusiasm.

A surfing banana, chest high, 20 minute rights and a sand bar party. It is pretty safe to say the inaugural Race the Tide delivered one heck of a good time.

Jeramie Vaine

In the end, Race the Tide was a testament to the vibrant paddleboarding community in South Florida. With its blend of competition, adventure, and fun, it left participants and spectators alike eagerly anticipating the next event.

Photo Gallery from Brian Hall of Iris Outdoors

You can check out Blueline Surf and Paddle Company on Instagram here @bluelinesurf_paddleco

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