Paddle Monster and Midwest Paddle League Team Up for 2020

Midwest Paddle League

Paddle Monster and The Midwest Paddle League are pleased to announce a new kind of partnership that promises to become the new standard in the paddling community. Under this new partnership, the Midwest Paddle League will further expand on its mission to put community first while helping to build numbers and level of competition. This new agreement spans paddler education and training, event promotion, as well as ongoing race coverage across the Midwest Paddle League’s 16-race schedule.

Paddler Education and Training

Leveraging Paddle Monster’s extensive experience in education and training, the Midwest Paddle League is working with the Paddle Monster team to bring new and unprecedented access to both advanced training as well as an innovative new kind of training for first-time event participants.

The first-time participant program will feature a paced and ramped training cadence designed to give a new paddler the skills and fitness to participate in a 3-mile event of their choosing. Building on popular “couch to 5k” programs commonly found in in running sports, the program aims to show new and newer paddlers that event participation can be achievable, safe, and fun. The program will be designed so it can be followed by both individuals, as well as facilitated by experienced paddlers in small groups.

Through this program, the Midwest Paddle League aims to introduce new faces to its community and grow the ranks of paddle sports enthusiast throughout the Midwest region.

For more experienced paddlers, the race-proven Paddle Monster training platform will continue to be an option but will be enhanced with an in-person Paddle Monster clinic at an event weekend to be announced at a later date.

Event Promotion

The power of the newly combined Distressed Mullet and Paddle Monster platform, the Midwest Paddle League will be promoting all of its races prior to events taking place. This coverage will include not only event information, but also offer information about the event location including places to see and suggestions on what to do when you’re not paddling. The league will also work with event promotors identify great places to stay and special pricing whenever possible.

For those planning on flying into any of the Midwest’s many destination-worthy events, the league also offers a Facebook group where you can make arrangements to borrow or rent equipment from local paddlers.

Race Coverage

If you enjoyed last season’s coverage of the Midwest Paddle League’s races on Distressed Mullet, you’ll be happy to find the same level of coverage on the new Paddle Monster site for the 2020 season. In addition to engaging writing, the league will be providing enhanced race coverage with even more photos and videos whenever possible.

Looking to the Future

This new partnership represents a deeper connection between a sanctioning body and media outlet than typically seen in the paddling community and promises to address key issues facing many race series across the US and around the world.

Harrison Withers, head of PR for the Midwest Paddle League commented:

“The key to growth in the Midwest is not to get already dedicated paddlers to paddle more, they already do their part. We need new paddlers to fall in love with the activity, to find a community where they feel welcomed and accepted, even celebrated. By getting paddlers from outside the Midwest to come experience our events, we hope to model what can be replicated anywhere in the world. This partnership with Paddle Monster, allows us to showcase what we have to offer and gives us the tools we need to get new paddlers involved while at the same time catering to our experienced paddling base.”

John Beausang from Paddle Monster:

“We’re excited to be a part of the Midwest Paddle League 2020 season. Regional series’ and leagues like them are the heart and soul of this sport. At Paddle Monster, all paddlers are welcome—at any level. We want to help give paddlers the information and instruction they need to be more efficient paddlers with better technique. That will help them enjoy paddling more, prevent injury and be safe and take their paddling wherever they want to go. One thing we admired about the league races was how everyone waited for the last paddler to come in. They know how to celebrate and support each other and nothing makes us happier. We do this because we love paddling and the people who paddle. We can’t wait for this year. ”

About the Midwest Paddle League

Welcome to the Midwest Paddle League – designated for paddlers, by paddlers. If you’ve never raced before, or you race most weekends, with kids races, short races, long races, sprints and more… there is an event for YOU! Come for the challenge, stay for the camaraderie. Here in the Midwest, it’s COMMUNITY FIRST. COMPETITION SECOND.

The Midwest Paddle League is proudly sponsored by Footstake and Paddle Monster.