Maui to Molokai

M2M: Maui to Molokai Results and Footage

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This is one of those bucket list downwinder races, by all accounts, one of the most fun, challenging and consistent downwind runs on Earth. Don’t drool on your phone or keyboard.

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The M2M race always has some crazy action and this year’s race was no exception. Getting out to the start line required attention and timing but once we got out there it was pure fun! The ARES PRO and Gemini had another great showing on this crossing and we got to welcome the Vega on her maiden M2M voyage. What an epic day for Kaiwa’a! 🏆

Men’s SS-1 Elite
🥇New Race Record: Patrick Dolan – 2:19.41 (VEGA)
🥈Austin Kieffer – 2:20.13 (FENN)
🥉Mike Owens – 2:30.37 (FENN)
Men’s OC-1 Elite
🥇Kainoa Tanoai – 2:29.21 (ARES PRO)
🥈Karel Tresnak Jr. – 2:30.29 (ARES PRO)
🥉Triston Kahookele-Santos – 2:32.09 (ARES PRO)
Women’s OC-1 Elite
🥇New Race Record: Lauren Spalding – 2:44.18 (ARES PRO)
🥈Andrea Moller – 2:50.46 (ARES PRO)
🥉Coral Mariano – 2:54.47 (ARES PRO)
OC-2 Mixed Iron
🥇Julie Shoup + Kawika Williams – 2:44.11 (GEMINI)
🥈Jim Foti + Joelle Foti – 2:44.19 (GEMINI)
🥉Wendy Moran-Ney + Kapena Bugarin – 2:46.28 (GEMINI)
OC-2 Men Iron
🥇Johnny McCandless + Lex Raas – 2:45.01 (GEMINI)
🥈Michael Gordon + Michael Cordi – 3:07.04 (GEMINI)
🥉Pia Aluli + Louis Dionese – 3:11.16 (GEMINI)

Here’s a collection of videos from Instagram: Make sure to follow them


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Working hard at paddle testing this weekend. 🤷‍♂️ 🎥@keizogates #kamanupaddle #pueox #mauitomolokai #epicsurf

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