Chattajack Mile 22 Bend Weeds Aerial View

Some Mile 27ish beta for 2019 racers compliments of Rock Creek Aviation! Probably a little easier to see from the air vs. water but may pay dividends 🙂 If the last guy on your draft train miraculously disappears as you’re nearing the finish, he may be pulling the ole: “Take the inside lane through the weeds trick” over your head.

Igor: “I thought we were friends?”
Boris: “Of Course we are”
Igor: “You mean WERE”
Boris: “What?”
Igor “You paddled with the pack the entire course, magically happened to be the caboose at mile 27, silently slipped off the back, took the inside slot through the weeds giving yourself a 300m lead, resulting in beating the train, AAANND you podiumed…we’re not friends, dead to me brah”
Boris: “Broseph, it’s just a race, we’re still amigos”
Igor: “No dude, this time….you crossed the line, in 2020 you will pay”
Boris: *smirking “Maybe I will, maybe I won’t, lates”
To Be Continued…..