Chattajack Course Preview and Navigation Aids

Editor’s Note: This is the latest installment in our Chattajack prep series.  ChattaVet and ‘Nooga resident Dottie Hodges gives us a look at what to expect in the Tennessee River Gorge.

Time of the Taper

So this is what one does when one lives in Chattanooga and has free-floating taper energy. I went through my archives from the past summer (and a few even older) and pulled some imagery from the gorge, and stitched together a little course preview.

This is not a major motion picture and I am certain my taper brain left out something great. It’s simply designed to give you non-local yokels a glimpse of the experience and the images of the gorge, alongside a little humor, but also some practical nuggets.

Don’t go in the weed beds.

Lisa was serious about this. There have been questions about which way to go around Williams Island, nearing Mullens Cove, around the little islands as you get close(r) to Hales Bar. Left is the consensus, and it’s sure easy to remember. And yes, the dam approach really does feel that way. But at least as you slog it towards the finish, you can think of this and maybe have a chuckle.

Enjoy your day out there.

Not everyone gets to take this journey. And remember. It’s in fact your own journey. Paces, cutoffs, competition aside – this is your day to have this experience. Savor it.