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Cape to Cape Race

This is an update for those who participated or who plan to participate in the Cape to Cape Challenge in Cape May, NJ in 2019.

From Chad DeSatnick, Race Organizer:

Good day to all of the participants in the 2018 Cape to Cape Paddle Race. We have achieved our fundraising goal and are now in unchartered territory, over $26,000 for our one day event !! Thank each and everyone one of you for your donations and for helping those living with spinal cord injury.

Our Race Committee always welcomes constructive criticism and this is the way we improve our event. However in the future, I request that paddlers do not send me text messages about the race, I am unable to record texts and I ask you to email me with any race questions or concerns in the future. I take full responsibility for any issues that were predictable and understand that we all volunteer our time to make this race happen. This was the first time I rode the ferry with paddlers. Now I understand what makes the ferry ride so memorable and I will make this part of the future.
Here are a few notes that we will be working on for 2019 :- We met with the USCG regarding the 2019 Marine Event Permit and Sunday August 18 will be race day.

– When registering, we will again ask you for custom race shirt sizes and you will be REQUIRED to wear this bright color race jersey. This requirement is not only for spotting and visibility, but also so the event staff knows which paddlers are part of the event. We had a situation where an independent paddler on a unapproved craft joined the first start wave, this caused major confusion among our paddlers in the second wave and the assignment of our safety fleet. The situation that occurred on the boat where paddlers wanted to wear their own club jersey’s should have been avoided and the two gentlemen from CapitalSUP did not get their proper race bibs until after the race was over. Not only from a marketing stand point, it was a safety issue to some participants in different color shirts. …Cody must have been onboard w Fielding and Chris to safely guide them across the race course in first place in their respective divisions.

– The Cape to Cape does not require individual vessel escorts and there is no guarantee that every division will have their own lead boat. There are navigational skills involved with this race, with the wind and tidal flow that come into play for the entire paddle. We work with USCG Station Cape May, SEA TOW, local water men and women, and have done countless reconnaissance trips to give our safety vessels a GPS coordinate corridor to have the best line along the race course. However, if any participants choose to have a private escort, this simply adds safety and more eyes on the water so it is totally encouraged.

– The Cape May Rips have very unpredictable currents and eddies, July 1 was no exception. This is the reason that we prefer to have paddlers get close to the Cape May Point State Park/Lighthouse, and then make the run with the outgoing current East to the finish line. By getting close to shore in Cape May Point, you avoid Middle Shoal and Overfalls, two of the most dangerous sections in the Cape May Rips. You are more than welcome to find your own line to the finish buoys, but as mentioned, our safety vessels have the best line. This is an open ocean event, and a requirement is you must be able to remount your craft on your own at any time, even in rough ocean conditions.

– We will request all participants to bring their own pads and cushioning for transportation in the box truck for future events, padded travel bags are preferred. If anyone has a connection for a surf ski or OC’s trailer, please let me know. From what we understand, each of these trailers can handle multiple surf ski and OC’s, so this would alleviate these crafts to be loaded into the same vehicle as the prone and SUP boards. We are also going to allow pre race drop off of craft to save time on race day. (And just to let everyone know, SUPRunner, who does the logistics for all of our transportation, handles $100,000’s of equipment in their own vehicles monthly. Ed Miller is a military vet, an expert in logistics, an integral part of our team, and again donates his time to help out Foundation.)

– Our board caddies were badgered by some of the participants as they approached the beach to aide them when they completed the event. These fellow paddlers, whom have completed past Cape to Cape events, are professional and are simply there to assist you as you make landfall. They do their best and if there are any trust issues in the future, kindly tell them that you would prefer to handle your craft on your own.

– One thing I failed to mention is that Queen Street Beach, where the City of Cape May allows us to setup, is a recreational water area. This is a limited amount of space for our special event permit.  Swimmers are NOT allowed in this section of the surf zone. It is a designated surfing beach, the City makes an exception for our land fall. The swimming zone are located about 25 yards to the West of our caddy zone. This is for the safety of all of you, as well as the beach goers who aren’t aware of our event. There are surfers in the water and many of us fought hard to have these dedicated surf zones along the beach front, swimming is strictly prohibited.

– Although our Race Committee give priority for previous year participants and class winners, entry is not guaranteed based solely on these credentials. We will be introducing a lottery system for future entry, and the registration process will be updated. As our race grows, we will do our best to honor our word for future entry but understand that decisions are based on the entire group, not one individual or class of craft.

– I appreciate all of your patience with regards to the timing site that we use. We are now in negotiations with a local event company to bring their timing system on board. This would eliminate the need for paddleguru timing, which can be problematic when there is limited internet signal.
– We will be adding a Five Mile Recreational Paddle event that will begin in Cape May Point, along the shoreline of Cape May to end at Queen Street. This will be open to the first 100 entrants, and fee will be $50.00, which will include a race t shirt, participant medal, and entry to the “award winning” awards party. 
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