2 Races. 1 Weekend. Florida. ROAD TRIP!!

In a few weeks, we have 2 races coming up on the same weekend. When winter lifts it’s heel off your throat, run to your car and drive or fly south. If you want to jump on a plane, there are boards to rent. It’s totally worth the effort.

Treasure Coast Paddle Battle

RACE 1: Saturday, March 14 in Fort Pierce, FL

Treasure Coast Paddle Battle We just had our spring training camp in Fort Pierce with Coach Victoria Burgess. The town is amazing with both ocean and waterway access. This race course is actually this race course is the equivalent of a half graveyard with the same conditions, less the inlet that you would Surfing. There are amazing conditions strong currents but forgiving at ease and most importantly, warm water. This is Victoria’s race and comes just after our second camp.

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Beach ‘n Boardfest/One Lagoon Charity Paddle Race

RACE 2: Sunday, March 15 in Cocoa Beach, FL

This race is Danny Smith’s race with Paddling Paradise. Cocoa Beach has Beach ‘n boardfest in the whole weekend revolves around spring break and surfing. I know Danny has a whole bunch of one design boards from SIC that we used in our camp and enjoyed. They are all 12’6″s but they paddle and you’d have your own division if you needed to just fly there and race and not worry about a board.

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