Congratulations Sue Cooper, Lazy Dog Key West — Athena Award Winner

Sue Cooper Athena Award

We just want to congratulate Lazy Dog owner and operator, Sue Cooper on receiving the ATHENA Leadership Award from the Key West Chamber of Commerce.

The ATHENA Leadership Award is presented to a woman —or man— who is honored for professional excellence, community service and for actively assisting women in their attainment of professional excellence and leadership skills.

The whole Lazy Dog family came out to celebrate Sue. This crew can pull off black ties and high heels as well as they do a flip flop.

Lazy Dog

Sue thrives by empowering women (and men) in business and in everyday life!  It is her very philosophy of Putting People First that has garnered this well-deserved honor and accomplishment.

Sue has been a great friend and inspiration for Paddle Monster and Distressed Mullet, as well as a guide for finding happiness and fulfillment in this crazy world. We are so proud to know you and congratulations!

If you haven’t read Sue’s Book, The Lazy Dog Way, order here it now

And don’t forget to make your arrangements to go to the Key West Classic on April 30 – May 3, 2020.