Welcome to The New Paddle Monster!

As you can probably tell, Paddle Monster went through a bit of a transformation last night.  It looks much different but has the same great content, and much more, plus a better mobile experience, a better web experience, our own social community – boooooo Facebook, our own groups – watch over the coming weeks as the Paddle Monster 100 Challenge and other social groups move to Paddle Monster as well as the consolidation of all our coaching into this one experience.  One location, all our content, easy access.

The Social Activity Feed

There will be more written on how we’re growing in the coming days, but for now, check out the following:

  • SOCIAL – If you’re any level of Paddle Monster member, you will see the “Social” link on your menu. This will take you to the Paddle Monster Social Forum / Timeline. Check it out.  Not only can you post and interact with other members, but you can comment on posts, talk to coaches, and much more!

New Navigation

Next, on the left side of the screen on the desktop version, you’ll find access to your profile, your personal timeline, groups to which you belong, as well as the “gear” icon which allows you to maintain your membership, account info, password, etc. all from one easy-access location.  On the mobile version, you’ll find these on the menu with the rest of the menu options.

If you’re looking for access to the coaching app, this is in the same location on the menu it has been.  NOTE: Stay tuned for the move from the coaching app to the Paddle Monster site, this is coming in the next few weeks! If you’re a paid Paddle Monster athlete, you’ll be getting notice before you move with detailed instructions so don’t worry.

Join Paddle Monster

Lastly, if you’re new to Paddle Monster, check out our “Join Paddle Monster” options and learn why so many paddlers around the world trust our coaches for on-water paddle, strength, and nutrition coaching.

I encourage you to explore our new options, poke around in the groups, social channels and have fun!

One item of note, you’ll notice that our content is being segmented by “Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced”! Click on the corresponding images on the front landing page and you’ll be directed to an experience that tailors content for your interests and level of paddling.

There is lots more to come every day over the next week or so…more details on how to use the new site, as well as some clarifications on how we present our content.

Let us know what you think, email us at info@paddlemonster.com or message me directly @Timothy Myers and remember, Paddle Monster is for all paddlers, OC, SUP, you name it.  Welcome to the New Paddle Monster, where All Paddlers are Welcome!