SupRacer’s Top 16 Pro Paddlers of 2016

The good folks over at SupRacer have put together their lists of the top 16 professional paddlers of last year…the top slots in both the women and men’s categories include the usual suspects but there are some shout outs to some well-deserving up and comers as well. We’d be remiss here at the Mullet if we didn’t send up a big whoo-whoo!!! for our local favorite, April Zilg  who made the cut!!

Here’s how SupRacer’s Christopher Parker sums up 2016 on the men’s side:


“The theme this season was change. In 2016 we saw several new contenders challenge the established world order. Podiums were shaken up, fresh champions were crowned and new rivalries were born. Whereas just a few years ago there were only three or four guys that could realistically win a big race, now just finishing in the top 20 at a major event is a major achievement.”

And the year for the women:

“There are positive signs for the future growth of women’s SUP racing though, with a new breed of young guns in places like Southern California, Hood River, Hawaii and Europe punching way above their weight and getting ready to take the sport to new levels over the next decade.

You only need to look at the great performances from the likes of Jade Howson, Kali’a Alexiou, Erika Benitez, Hannah Hill, Lexi Alston, Annie Reickert, Lara Claydon and many more up-and-coming teenagers to feel reassured about the future, while names such as Fiona Wylde, Shae Foudy and Manca Notar are already well established.”


So, congrats to everyone for a year well paddled.  And best of luck in 2017!