Stop the Virginia Key Mooring Field: Water Access Alert

Water access is a huge issue for the Distressed Mullet and all our water people.

We got this alert this morning from one of our good friends Paolo Ameglio, an outrigger and dragon boat paddler from Miami,

Virginia Key in downtown Miami has been a natural habitat and haven for over 40 years, for rowers, paddlers, and a variety of non-motorized sports.  The City of Miami has systematically tried to develop the area as income producing real-estate, not in keeping with the Virginia Key Master Plan.   This plan would allow the city to construct a mooring field for 50-60 foot vessels directly in the middle of the basin, which would interfere (and prevent) current activity for youth and adults, as well as present an environmental hazzard to the abundant wildlife (dolphin, manatees, stingrays, and nesting birds).  We have formed an alliance of citizens who oppose this development and have hired a law firm to inform the City about viable alternatives to a massive mooring field, that will both serve their purpose to rid the basin of derelict vessels, and provide a safe haven for passive water sports, for years to come.

We need immediate help to pay legal fees, and greatly appreciate your support to protect this jewel in the center of the city from development.

“This is a plan that the City of Miami is trying to push by people without anyone finding out. It’s truly driven by greed, the plan is poorly conceived and will cause gridlock on the water, and on the city streets leading to this natural resource that we all share. Please support the efforts of all who are fighting to keep this jewel of nature for our city and future generations. Imagine New York without central park! That is what we stand to loose if the City gets there way.”


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