Stoke on the Water OnLine

Stoke on the Water in Hood River

If you are looking for guides or downwind instruction specific to the Columbia River Gorge, you can now more easily connect with Stoke on the Water, the Hood River- based team of Joel Yang and Russel Peart.  They just launched their website, so now getting information on their services, on the Gorge and the river, and booking sessions with them is super easy.  These guys are local, they know the river like the backs of their hands ’cause they paddle it nearly every day. And they have the skill sets to make your Viento or Viento prep experience spot on. They are passionate about downwinding, about safety and skills, and they are over-the-top passionate about stoke-filled experiences. If you are new to downwinding or new to the Gorge, these are the go-to guys. If you are a seasoned downwinder, they are the go-to guys.  Check out their site!