Paddle Monster Becomes the Official Coaching Platform of The Paddle League

Paddle Monster And The Paddle League

Paddle Monster, Inc. has teamed up with The Paddle League to be it’s official training platform, providing training and technique expertise for the 2018 season for all paddle levels from the novice paddler all the way up to the world’s best professionals.
Paddle League
Paddle Monster will be contributing to the Paddle League’s coverage of national and international events throughout the 2018 season with information and tips on optimizing training, racing strategy and paddling technique.

“The Paddle League’s goal is to add structure and momentum to the competitive paddle race community, from novices to professionals,” says Paddle Monster co-founder, John Beausang. “They are making a huge effort to support racing worldwide at all levels. Their worldwide system for the growth and coverage of the sport and will connect paddlers all over the world. We want to be a part of that effort.”

“One of the key goals of the Paddle League has been to support and help elevate the excellent grassroots events around the world,” says Brian Meyer, Paddle League President, “In 2018, the Paddle League will also be providing international paddler rankings based on weighted results in the 9 Major World Tour showdowns and the 41+ regional events.”

“Paddle Monster is excited to be part of the inaugural season of the Paddle League, providing information about training, racing and technique in support of local to regional level racers.  Providing these paddlers, who are really the heart and soul of the race scene, with information that helps them better prepare for, and perform in, their races should contribute to the worldwide development of SUP racing from the grassroots level up.  We’re stoked to have the opportunity to be part of such an initiative”, says Paddle Monster co-founder and coach, Larry Cain.

The Paddle League has quickly garnered the support from top paddle athletes worldwide. Along with the support of 50 races in 25 nations, 64 elite paddle athletes from 19 countries have voiced their support for the Paddle League world tour and are aiming to participate in 2018, seeding what will undoubtedly be a competitive and exciting 2018 season and the start of years of successful competition.

About Paddle Monster, Inc.

Paddle Monster  is a subscription-based paddlesports coaching site that gives everyday, “Joe and Jane” paddlers access to the best training and technique information available. The service was founded by Larry Cain, an Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist and Olympic Paddle Coach for Team Canada and John Beausang, publisher of The Distressed Mullet ( one of the most popular paddleboard and paddling sites in the world.

Paddle Monster is comprised of a team of the world’s best including Standup Paddleboard Coach Larry Cain, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist in Sprint Canoe and former Team Canada Olympic Sprint Canoe Coach; Travis Grant, Molokai World Champion in SUP (2x) and OC-1; Chris Chapman, Olympic Paddle Strength Coach for Team Canada; and Seychelle, World Record Holder and perennial world top-10 SUP paddler.


Each week, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced members receive paddle and strength training programs. Paddlers then ask questions about the plans, technique, and training and receive coaching advice on how to adjust the plans to meet their individual goals and schedules. Paddle Monster includes extensive information on paddling technique, theory and strategy, including demonstration, how-to and drill videos, long-form blog posts and a forum where members can discuss every aspect of paddling.

In 2017, Paddle Monster launched the Paddle Monster Training Platform App on IOS and Android and online to help facilitate the community and coaching benefits of the program.

About The Paddle League

The Paddle League is collaborating with the excellent, independent events that have helped build our sport for many years, which we plan to help unify and elevate. The Paddle League World Tour consists of the international series plus several “Regional Leagues,” with the whole points system interlinked to make our sport as inclusive and open as possible and will provide a World Rankings based on weighted results from the international and regional Paddle League events.

In addition to helping build a stable, unified foundation for the future of the sport, The Paddle League also aims to give events, athletes and brands more exposure through consistent, high quality media production. This includes extensive photo and video recaps of each race to shine a spotlight on paddlers of all level — not only the elite athletes but the weekend warriors, beginners, and juniors.

The Paddle League is also building towards new-look live streams that aim to give fans a front row seat of the action while extending the sport to new audiences.

The League is co-founded by the highly-respected veteran Australian athlete Kelly Margetts (Tour Commissioner), SUP Racer founder Christopher Parker (Tour Architect) and Brian Meyer from Capital SUP (CEO) in collaboration with the independent events, the Paddlers’ Collective – the group of top athletes aligned to help grow the sport – and other major stakeholders.

The Paddle League aims to create a realistic structure for stand up paddling that is honest and sustainable, and which benefits and develops the entire sport.



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