M2O sadly announces the cancellation of the 24th Annual Moloka’i 2 O’ahu Paddleboard World Championships


Despite progress against the pandemic, M2O has decided to cancel this year’s event.

Here is the letter just released from M2O:

Aloha M2O Athletes,

We appreciate the recent emails inquiring about the status of this year’s Moloka’i 2 O’ahu Paddleboard World Championships and for your incredible support of the race.

We had hoped that the July race date would be unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic allowing all of you to train and travel safely in the lead up to the event, but we sadly, need to announce the cancellation of the 24th Annual Moloka’i 2 O’ahu Paddleboard World Championships.

We were excited to see several restrictions lifted earlier this year for Hawaii while we were exploring necessary precautions and safety measures to mitigate the risk of our annual race and gatherings, but to date we have been unable to secure permits and insurance for the 32 mile Moloka’i 2 O’ahu course.

The island of Moloka’i is still vulnerable and has limited medical resources with flights to Oahu currently meeting only immediate community needs. The island is distributing the vaccine successfully and working to increase travel in and out of the island of Moloka’i. These efforts are needed to ultimately support events returning to the island. We never thought we would not be gathering together on the shores of Moloka’i for 2021, but respect the limitations that protect the island we love.

The M2O team has shifted gears and is currently exploring a shorter downwind 2021 option on the July 25th weekend for island residents and those athletes who can still make a viable trip to Oahu under the current restrictions. This course will be roughly 16 miles. Details will be sent out shortly once we have final confirmation of the course.

Virtual Option
The M2O 2.0 Virtual Edition will be launched in the next month. The virtual race will be centered around the weekend of July 25, 2021. More details to follow.

A big mahalo to those athletes who have reached out regarding their 2021 entries. An email will be sent to 2021 athletes who transferred their 2020 entry to 2021 with options for a partial refund or 2022 transfer.

We wish all of you strength and sound mind as we all navigate these uncertain times. Take care of yourselves, physically and emotionally. We urge you to stay connected to your paddling community and continue to get out on the water!

Team M2O