Catalina Classic Commemorative Statue approved 5 out of 5 by the city council of Manhattan Beach

We read some really great news this week from Donna Jo O’Brien and Easy Reader News on the approval of a Catalina Classic Commemorative Statue to be commissioned and installed near the foot of the Manhattan Beach Pier.

Donna Jo O'Brien

According to Donna Jo O’Brien via Facebook, “The commission of a project thought up years ago by Tim Ritter and brought to life by the huge efforts of Tom Horton, Ed McKeegan, South Bay Boardriders Club Brian Kingston, and Michael Lee, is the first win in a series of events that will place a Catalina Classic Commemorative statue, to honor all women and men who have completed this amazing historic and iconic event, at the Manhattan Beach Pier.”

Easy Rider reported that the “statue will honor the men and women who have competed in the 32 mile race from Catalina Island to the Manhattan Beach pier and act as inspiration to others to enter the race. The statue would also be an historic and artistic landmark for South Bay residents and visitors to admire and enjoy.”

The statue will be created by former Hermosa Beach resident, Surfer Walk of Fame inductee, and renowned sculptor Chris Barela. The lifesize, bronze statue will cost an estimated $200,000 and funded by the South Bay Boardriders Club through fundraising and other efforts.

photos via Donna Jo O’Brien on Facebook and Easy reader News:

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