Be a Paddle Monster Race Reporter!

So you want to be a race reporter for Paddle Monster?

Have you ever been to a paddle event and thought, it would be great if Paddle Monster did a story on this race?  If so, now’s your chance to be famous, sort of!

Paddle Monster is introducing a new concept for the 2022 race season which is our Paddle Monster Race Correspondent!  The idea is simple:

  • You, sign-up for the race you want to cover below accepting the terms and conditions outlined.
  • We acknowledge your request (on a first-come, first-served basis by race), and the week of the race, we provide you with credentials to:
    1. Do a Paddle Monster Instagram Takeover of @PDLMNSTR which will allow you to post stories and a few well-crafted pictures to the Instagram feed which will automatically duplicate to Facebook!
    2. Upload a story with a few pictures that we will post on Paddle covering your event.

If you want to give this a try, remember, “It’s a BIG responsibility!”, read the rules below and sign up! You’ll hear from us shortly!

Sign Up!

You must be a member of Paddle Monster to participate as a race correspondent!

If you're not currently a member, just go ahead and register for any of our programs here, including the free level!