Where we print our hats, why and how you can get free shipping by using our link

Pukka Custom Hats


That’s right. Pukka. They make amazing hats and we’ve used them for Distressed Mullet and Paddle Monster to create some or our favorite all-time hats.

Why do we use Pukka Headwear?

  • Low minimums
  • You can order 24 hats, divide it into two designs of 12 each.
  • Your hats don’t have to look like anyone else’s hats.
  • FREE digitization of artwork
  • 30-day turnaround times
  • FREE artwork set-up
  • Awesome embroidery quality and graphics capabilities
  • Minimums as-low-as 24 per style/12 per color and fabric combination
  • Capacity for even quicker-turn orders.
Open a Pukka Headwear Account
Open a Pukka Headwear Account

Our Experience with the Pukka orders

They understand that inventory means risk. I could order low minimums without getting crushed on my unit cost. Also, because I could break the order into design groups of 12, I could order more styles without worrying about break points. There’s still margin there.

How do you get free shipping on your order?

You have to be a new Pukka Customer. This does not apply to existing Pukka Customers.

You have to click this link and set up a merchant account.

If you open an account and make your first order, you can get free shipping and it helps the mullet do what it does. It is an affiliate link, which means you won’t pay more, will save on shipping and we get a discount on our next apparel order and that helps us keep the servers running, the lights on.

Set up you account here