Gear Review: WetSox Gloves Gen II

WetSox Gen II Gloves One Purpose

Before we go any farther, let me be perfectly clear: these glove are NOT meant to add warmth to your paddling gloves.  If that’s what you are expecting, you will likely be disappointed.  WetSox socks and gloves have one distinct purpose: To Make Wearing Neoprene Easier.  Keep that in mind as you read this and consider a purchase.

If there is one thing I detest more than neoprene booties, it’s gloves.  Gloves of all kinds. But especially neoprene. Okay, I might detest ski gloves even more. Let’s just say I just don’t like wearing gloves – period. The reasons why are legion and most are not germane to this review.  But one of the things about neoprene gloves is, like the booties, getting them on and off is such an ordeal. It can often result in injury.  Really.  I’ve pulled muscles.

About two years ago, I discovered a product to help with the bootie issue and it changed my winter paddling life. You can read in detail about the WetSox Therms here. Essentially, they are a bootie liner that makes getting in and out of the neoprene foot prisons that are booties so much easier.

Making Winter Paddling Life Easier- Again

Well, this winter I have discovered their companion product, the Gen II Gloves.

Like their foot counterparts, the WetSox gloves are a liner of sorts, made of the same anti-fiction stretch material that will make getting those neoprene hand prisons so much easier to get off.  And the easier they are to get off, the sooner you can get out of your wet paddle clothing and into warm and dry togs after your winter workout.  And to me, that’s key. They will also help you slide into the arms of your wetsuit easier, before you put the gloves on. Also key.

At first glance, the gloves might seem a little flismy.  But, the stitching is reinforced with Kevalar, so they will stand up to whatever you can throw at them.  One of the things I like most about the glove design is the generous cuffs…they aid in fit and help the gloves stay where you need them to.  The fabric is also hydrophobic, which will help the neoprene gloves do their job keeping your hands warm.  So no worries about the material getting in the way of what neoprene is designed to do.   Seam placement is well thought out, so there should be no rubbing or irritation.

Other Uses

Despite the fact that WetSox makes no claims that their Gen II gloves are meant for overall warmth, I find myself reaching for them when I am going out to walk the dog, or slipping them on for the short walk from my parking space to my office downtown. It’s just enough to protect my hands from the cold, without burdening them in a thick, more frustrating conventional glove.  I’d probably want something more substantial and meant for thermal protection if I was going to be out longer, doing non-paddling activities.   Plus, there is no anti-slip material on them – so they are not appropriate for activities where grip is key or for things like using your smartphone.  But again, they aren’t meant to be.  I’m just underscoring the added value in this product.

You can find them on the WetSox website or Amazon for the reasonable price of $28.99.




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