Werner to offer LeverLock across their entire SUP Line

Werner Paddles Zen

Werner just made a huge move across their whole line by offering LeverLock across their whole SUP paddle line. The technology adds 16″ of adjustment to every paddle, so the days of fixed shafts in the recreation and surf, perhaps even race, might be numbered. They made this move along with adding some beautiful gradient colors in their Zen line (above). I have 6 fixed-length paddles for different boards (race, surf, downwind) and occasions (surf, downwind, race, flatwater, etc.). This gives the paddler the ability not just to have one paddle that can be used in each situation, but also be able to lend out the paddle to visitors, friends who can adjust it to fit their height, reach and situation. We like this move a lot. It makes a heck of a lot of sense in the intermediate to novice and rec levels. Advanced and Elite may use this to have different blade sizes along, with the adjustability. And again, the new colors look amazing.

We’ll have versions to test in early spring.

Check it out here