Gear Review: Vaikobi V Ocean UV Paddle Pants

Vaikobi's New V Ocean Paddle Pants

Vaikobi’s New V Ocean Paddle Pants

Vaikobi's New V Ocean Paddle Pants

Normally, it stays warm enough in North Carolina to make it through most of Fall without having to pull on the tights. But this year, I needed a little extra help keeping my waterproofing bandages for my surf injury secure, so full length tights seemed like the logical choice.

At first I wasn’t too happy about having to wear “long pants” so early in the season but the folks at Vaikobi sent me a pair of their new V Ocean UV Paddle Pants so it was a great chance to give them a shot.

I have worn them almost every time I have paddled since.

What I like most about the V Ocean tights is the seat.  Vaikobi is a brand that caters to paddlers who sit – like surf ski and outrigger paddlers.  So the V Ocean tight has a very light panel of  breathable  airprene in the seat, which is both supportive and keeps the tush a little warmer when water splashes on your seat.  Yet, at 1mm, that panel is not so thick that it is noticeable if you wear the tights paddling sup. I have a pair of Dakine OC pants which I never wear standup paddling because the reinforced seat panel is overkill.

Vaikobi's New V Ocean Paddle Pants

The V Ocean tights lived up to Vaikobi’s claim that will keep you cool as things heat up.  I recently did an intense interval session on my All-Star in temps pushing 90 degrees.  With the exception of my calf which was wrapped in sheets of waterproof bandages and a laxtex sleeve (where NOTHING is going to keep it cool!), the legs were quite comfy in the full length leggings.

The cut is unisex and it seem to be just fine for me. Unlike some women’s cut tights, the waist sits well above my own waistline, which I like since I feel 100 percent covered.  The seams are designed to be in all the right places and so far I’ve not experienced any chaffing.

Vaikobi's New V Ocean Paddle Pants

The V Ocean tights also boast UV 50+ sun protection, so they provide a good layer of defense against the sun’s harmful rays. These are meant to be a summer tight, and certainly in our Indian Summer-ish warm days here in NC they are very comfortable.  I expect that the V Ocean tights will be a good transition piece of kit as we move through the days that are a tad cooler but are still too warm for neoprene or the dry suit.

Vaikobi makes this tight in a short too.

For the even cooler days, Vaikobi has a new Cold Performance Storm pant, which I’ll be trying as soon as it’s cold enough.

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