Tentsile Suspension Tents

Tentsile Tents produces portable tree houses—3 person tents that are suspended in trees. They are AMAZING! Each tent has reinforced nylon on the ends and 20 feet of strap on each end giving you 45 feet to stretch between trees.home-slider-slide-6

You can stack them, add walls to them. They have a completely removable top so you can see the sky, a fly sheet roof comes with its own poles and detachable full insect mesh for ventilation and views of the world beneath and above you. It can be suspended between 3 trees or other large objects like columns, trucks or boulders.Tentsile Suspension Tents
Everyone has their own individual space, and you will not roll into each other. There is a hole in the center that you enter and exit through. It felt like a super comfortable, very rigid hammock that didn’t swing.

There were 3 versions at the Outdoor Retailers Expo in Salt Lake City:

Vista Tent: $595 Retail, 3 person tent

Trillium Hammock:  $250 Retail The Trillium hammock is the most hardcore (and the only) triple hammock on the market. Reinforced by 20+ metres of seatbelt and secured by heavy duty ratchets and webbing it provides unprecedented safety stability comfort and of course – the most exciting view in the outdoors.

Stingray Tent: $675 Retail, 3 person tent

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