Surftech 2016 Preview Bark Commander Light, Bark Contender Light and Bark Vapor

Surftech Bark commander light

Mike Pilgrim with Surftech Product Development walks us through some highlights of the Surftech Bark Line for 2016. Specifically, we walk through the Bark Contender Light, Bark Commander Light, and the Bark Vapor.

Bark Contender Light Race SUP Specs:

Finally a Contender smaller paddlers can call their very own.

  • 12’6″ x 25″ x 6″
  • 200 liters
  • Smaller version of the Bark Contender, 1/4″ thinner and narrower with less volume
  • Great for paddlers under 160 lbs

Bark Commander Light Prone

A smaller Commander for lighter paddlers. Kids will also love this. Catch the bug.

  • Comes in stock, 12′ version
  • Less volume, width and thickness
  • Great for paddlers under 150 lbs

Bark Vapor:

Surftech vapor looks great, like the dominator and the downwinders had an angry fast baby.

  • 12’6″ and 14′ versions
  • Front half designed after the CT prone line, the back half after the Bark D2 Race Board
  • Great in mixed up conditions, bumps
  • Mixed reactions because of the rounded nose. Visually it is different as water isn’t displaced. As with any board or shape, put a Speed Coach or GPS on it to see it’s speed compared to what you’re used to. It might just blow your mind.

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