Gear Review: Surf Fur SurfCheck Hoodie

Surf Fur's SurfCheck Hoodie

Surf Fur’s SurfCheck Hoodie Makes Winter Better

It’s already been a super cold winter here in North Carolina – Mullet Central. So cold I haven’t been doing much surfing.  Something about uber-thick wetsuits with hoods is just not appealing  So I have not been using my amazing Surf Fur Water Parka much this year.  And while my Bluesmiths Kula Hoodie (THE Maui Uniform jacket) is still my go-to for a high performance, super breathable active jacket or mid-layer, sometimes you just want something to cuddle up in and walk the beach, walk the dog or add an extra layer of warmth.

Surf Fur's SurfCheck Hoodie

That’s where Surf Fur’s SurfCheck hoodie comes in. Think of it as a barn coat on steroids, that’s meant for wet environs and cold. Lately, this is the coat I have been putting on over my Kula Hoodie when I need a little more, or over my down puffy when I walk the dog in the snow. Yeah. Snow. In the South.

First off, this coat is the real technical deal. Made of the same windproof and water resistant fleece as the WaterParka, the hoodie is going to shield you from the elements. All the seams inside are taped to insure that cold air and water or snow will stay out. Those would be the technical bits.

Surf Fur's SurfCheck Hoodie

The not-so-technical but oh so comfy bit is that the SurfCheck is lined with amazingly soft, cozy and warm “Sherpa Fleece.” Think shearling but synthetic, not wool. Not only does that add a bit of style to the coat, but warmth as well.  I’ve been out in windy 17 degrees with this on over just a polypro base layer, and a microfleece mid-layer and was perfectly warm.  Sometimes when I wear it over my down jacket, like when we had 4 degree mornings here recently, I was almost too hot.

It’s short, unlike the Water Parka, but not too short.  The external pockets are deep enough for a couple of my dog Cooper’s tennis balls.  One word about the plastic zipper – be careful, mine was easily fouled the first time I put it on and I have been using a FixnZip repair pulley on it which works 95 percent of the time.

It’s not super packable, like the Bluesmith’s Kula Hoodie,or even my down puffy,  but it’s not meant to be.  And it is heavy.  This is the snuggly coat that will look good when you walk down the beach, well, checking the surf, or when you’ve just gotten out of the water, changed into your dry clothes and just want to feel warm, content, and have something soft like a teddy bear envelop you.  Or when you are running to the grocery store. Or getting the mail.  Or to go to the coffee place. It makes a great combo with jeans and boots.  You get the picture.

Surf Fur sells the SurfCheck alone, in three colors – black, blue and red – for $99 or it can be bundled with the Water Park or a lighter weight rain jacket for a bit of a discount.

Surf Fur's SurfCheck Hoodie

Love, love love it.


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