SUPTHINKTANK: Makers of LiftSUP handles and ConnexSUP plugs

We got to meet up with Matt with SUPTHINKTANK at the 2015 Surf Expo in Orlando and walked through LiftSUP handles and ConnexSUP plug system.

LiftSUP is the first reinforced, injection molded handle designed specifically for Stand Up Paddleboards. hey sit flush with the deck of the board when not in use but pop-up when you need to carry your board, creating a good solid grab point that anyone can use to safely maneuver their board from car to coast. An additional benefit of the LiftSUP design is that it provides a solid and secure place to attach a cable lock , which helps keep your SUP safe when you’re not paddling.

ConnexSUP connects accessories to the board: cameras, straps, coolers, GPS, fish finders, iPod’s, iPad’s, PFD’s, or whatever you can imagine with this simple solution that has reinvented the way paddlers connect to the sport. If you are a paddleboard manufacturer, these tools are becoming the standard. People prefer boards with good handles and LiftSUP handles are the best. ConnexSUP plugs work with everything.

Make it easier for people to buy your boards by installing the tools they need to enjoy themselves. Get in touch with SUPTHINKTANK at

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