SUP Rower – Oar Board™ by Whitehall Spirit®

The Oar Board™, a revolutionary new fit-on-top sculling unit that converts a stand up paddleboard into a lean mean rowing machine adding another dimension to the standup paddleboard. Sitting down and going fast.

Whenn sculling, a seated rower uses ultra light carbon fiber oars called blades to propel a a rowing boat. The oars touch the water on both the port and starboard sides. The Oar Board™ attaches to your SUP quickly with two snap over strap buckles and turns most boards into the meanest cleanest rowing machine that ever flew across the bay, lake or along the river.

What’s so great about rowing? Well, imagine walking around on your arms all day compared to the strength and ease of using your legs, your bodies’ largest muscles. Now picture using both legs, together, with no stress on the knees to power up a pair of 9’6” carbon fiber sculling blades. You practically FLY across the water with the greatest of ease while building major core strength and enjoying double the calorie burn of jogging.

Once the Oar Board™ is attached and you are seated, your weight is stationary on the fixed seat. Take the oars into your capable hands and row. Your board will move faster across the water than you ever dreamed possible.

The Oar Board™’s unique design is suited for touring, lightweight, and even short SUP’s because of the sliding rigger feature. This is because the footstop and oarlocks are joined together on a sliding carriage that leaves the rower’s butt stationary. This way there is no pitching or hobby horsing and the SUP glides along just as smooth as silk. And with it’s adjustable position footstop it fits anybody from kids all the way through to the tallest adults. The Oar Board™ can be installed or removed in minutes. When finished, your board can be used as a stand up paddle board again.

Lightweight, with a demountable carriage it’s specifically designed for easy handling. It’s polymer construction is perfect for use in the corrosive saltwater environment. It’s ideal for aboard the yacht.