RunOff Waterproof Phone Case Review – Protecting your smartphone and others


RunOff revolutionizes waterproof protection. This unique soft case protects phones from water, dust, and sand with a slim design that fits in pockets or can be attached to the included lanyard. Clear, touchscreen friendly material allows use of apps and front/back camera.
Tru Zip -Rubber Seal zipper used in this product 
Tru-zip Suggested zipper maintenance  lube

Maintenance: Lubricate zipper after cleaning, before prolonged storage, or to improve zipper performance. Distribute liquid zipper lubricant along all zipper surfaces, then slide zipper multiple times. Wipe away any excess lubricant with a clean dry cloth.

  • Recommended Industrial Lubricants for Manufacturers: We recommend McGee Industries McLube 1829 for lubricant in the manufacturing process.
  • Recommended Liquid Lubricants and Seal Protectors for Consumers: Any high-performance zipper lube, such as 303 Aerospace Protectant or Armor All may be used.

*Lubricants are approved for TRU Zip material only. Be mindful of surrounding areas as lubricant may cause damage to product if sprayed directly (depending on final materials used in application)